About Floors


At Queensboro Flooring we realize the beauty, uniqueness and other benefits of wood flooring. That's why we are in this business and we always recommend wood as the floor covering of choice.

What are the benefits of a hardwood floor?

When it comes to wood flooring, you can't go wrong. Wood flooring adds to the value of your home or apartment. In fact, most experts agree that with age wood floors grow in value. In addition to value, add personality to the overall look and offer beauty that no other floor type can give.

What can I expect to spend on a hardwood floor?

While it is not possible to answer this question without knowing the size of the floor or the exact type and manufacturer, we can easily say that wood flooring is very affordable. And as a bonus, they add value to your home so it's a good investment that can always pay back.


Can I get the look I want with a wood floor?

Of course. Today the selection of wood floors is so huge that anyone can find something that will meet their preferences. There are so many species of wood, stain colors, finish types and other possibilities that we can guarantee you will find something to match your d├ęcor.

Is a wood floor difficult to maintain?

Actually, it is very easy to maintain wood flooring. Wood floors need to be vacuumed or swept and occasionally washed with proper cleaning solutions. Ask us for the best cleaning product for your floor.

Are there any health risks?

Not really. Wood floors are the most healthy floor choice you can make. The only time there is a small health risk is during the staining and finishing process before the floor dries and can be walked on. This risk does not exist with pre-finished flooring, but, if you order unfinished flooring and we have to stain and finish it for you, you should move out for the duration of the job.